My name is Samantha BIgora.  I love graphic design and cannot wait to make it my career.


I attended Lynchburg College for B.A. in Graphic Design.  Now I'm looking for the dream job!  I'm ready to learn even more and grow with a company or ad agency.


I also have a dream of being a professor after I gain experience in the graphic design world.  I would love to see a student feel inspired or passionate about a project and art in general.


The little robot you see peeking out of my page is Sam-Bot.  I've always loved robots but never realized how easily this little one can describe me and my personality.  I am a hard-worker and will do whatever it takes to get my projects done and perfect for a client.  She also can symbolize my hard work put into every project, like a robot producing a product.  She shows that I am professional and buckle down for the job but just like my little robot there is a kid's heart pushing that motherboard to create and help.